UK Album Virgin Records V2155
Side One
Rumour Sets The Woods Alight (Birch/Wicks) - Hearts In Her Eyes* (Birch/Wicks) - I Don’t Remember Your Name (Birch/Wicks) - Man With A Girlproof Heart* (Birch/Bull) – The Same Mistakes (Birch/Wicks)
Side Two
Girl In Golden Disc (Birch/Wicks) - Spent A Week With You Last Night (Birch/Wicks) - Hearts Will Be Broken (Birch/Wicks) - The Worriers (Birch/Wicks) - Guitars In The Sky (Birch/Wicks)
Album produced by Craig Leon, except *produced by Mick Glossop
Note: This album was released in the USA with a different running order.

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